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In your retirement, health and wealth go hand in hand. Don't delay determining where long-term care strategies fit in your future.

By the Numbers

Understanding the True Cost of Long-Term Care

Going without a long-term care protection strategy could result in both financial and emotional ramifications. These are some of the impacts an unexpected health event could have to your pocketbook and your caregivers in retirement:


According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey¹ (2021), the median annual costs for these services are:


Homemaker Servicesa


Home Health Aidea


Adult Day Health Careb


Assisted Living Facilityc


Nursing Home, Semi-Private Roomd


Nursing Home, Private Roomd

¹Genworth. "Cost of Care Survey 2021." Accessed April 10, 2023.
ᵃBased on 44 hours per week by 52 weeks
ᵇBased on five days per week by 52 weeks
ᶜBased on 12 months of care, private, one bedroom
ᵈBased on 365 days of care


According to the Genworth Beyond Dollars Study² (2021), the percentage of family members providing care who affirmed the following:


Lost income as a result of caregiving


Reported that providing care negatively affected their ability to satisfy the requirements of their employment


Suffered impact to their personal health and well-being as a result of providing care


Experienced negative physical side effects such as depression


Reported a reduction in their base quality of living in order to pay for care


Used their own savings and retirement funds to provide out-of-pocket financial assistance

²Genworth. Nov. 16, 2021. "Beyond Dollars 2021." Accessed April 10, 2023.

Now's the Time for a Healthy Conversation

There's a very real possibility you will need long-term care services during retirement. One difficult talk today could help save you and your loved ones years of heartache and financial hardship.

Did you know?

Long-Term Care Can Be an Asset for More Than Just Your Health

In addition to traditional long-term care insurance options, there are several other avenues available that can offer coverage options, including fixed premiums, tax-free death benefits* and flexibility to use benefit payments however you choose.
These options include:

  • Asset-Based Long-Term Care Insurance - Life Insurance

  • Long-Term Care Riders on Insurance/Annuity Products

  • Chronic Illness Riders on Insurance/Annuity Products

  • Asset-Based Long-Term Care Insurance - Annuities

  • Annuity Income "Doubler" for Confinement or Home Health Care

*Life insurance death benefits are generally tax-free to a properly named beneficiary. Life insurance agents do not give tax or legal advice.

Don't Let "What If" Become "What Now?"

It's estimated that as many as 7 in 10 Americans age 65 and older will need some type of long-term care.3 This complimentary guide can help you understand possible costs and solutions, including:

    • Strategies to help protect your potential caregiver from financial burden
    • Estimated increases in long-term care costs
    • The true impact of long-term care

³Barbara Marquand. NerdWallet. Jan. 13, 2022. "Long-Term Care Insurance Explained." https:// Accessed April 10, 2023.


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