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Seminar: Strategies Designed to Combat Inflation & Taxes from Impacting Your Retirement


501 Wilmington Island Rd
Savannah, GA 31410 United States



May 11, 2023


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join us for a complimentary dinner presentation for you and one adult guest.

Wendy will discuss strategies designed to combat inflation & taxes from impacting your retirement:

  • How you may be able to reduce your income tax liability each year.
  • Explore buffers that can limit downside exposure and preserve gains.
  • What the war in Ukraine really means to your portfolio and finances.
  • Ways to get money out of tax deferred retirement accounts with the least amount of taxes possible.
  • How to develop a comprehensive plan to become financially independent in this volatile political and economic environment.
  • How you could avoid losing 70% or MORE of your IRA to death & income taxes!

Membership to the club is not required to attend.

Just for attending, you will receive a free report, Take Charge of Your Taxes.

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